Where are Dirty John Meehan’s spouses Debra Newell and Tonia Sells and what occurred in their mind?

Where are Dirty John Meehan’s spouses Debra Newell and Tonia Sells and what occurred in their mind?

NETFLIX drama Dirty John has fans gripped using the real tale of a female whoever perfect “doctor” husband actually is a con man that is dangerous.

But that are John Meehan’s previous spouses and just just what occurred in their mind?

That is Tonia Sells?

Meehan’s first spouse Tonia ended up being 25 whenever she married John Meehan.

He informed her he had been 26 whenever actually he was 31 and stated their family that is own could go to their wedding because they had been all addicts.

The set had two kiddies together known as Emily and Abigail.

After a decade of marriage, Meehan told Tonia a divorce was wanted by him.

She monitored down their mum Dolores, whom unveiled Meehan had lied about their birthday, genuine title and past medication fees against him.

Tonia then searched your house and discovered he have been stashing anaesthetic drugs taken from the medical center where he worked as a nurse.

The police was called by her and so they started investigating him.

That is Debra Newell?

Two times he was serving time for breaking a restraining order, Meehan met Debra, an interior designer from California, on an over-50s dating site after he left prison where.

He reported become an anaesthesiologist in Iraq and wooed Debra straight away.

They got hitched simply 8 weeks later on and Debra’s two daughters Jacquelyn and Terra were dismayed.

These were both suspicious for the guy and thought he had been after their mum’s cash.

He held Terra at knifepoint after their lies had been exposed.

Eric Bana, whom plays Dirty John within the Netflix drama, stated the genuine Terra had been afraid to generally meet him during shooting associated with Netflix show.

Just What did John do in order to their previous spouses?

When John had kept Tonia he began making voicemails that are threatening: “When it takes place, Tonia, and also you view it in your eyes, keep in mind it had been me, OK?

“Tonia, you prefer your time and effort left with this earth, OK? For the reason that it’s what it is gonna come down seriously to.”

She reported him to your authorities once again and then he had been convicted of menacing and provided a suspended phrase.

In 2016 Meehan took Debra’s vehicle and attempted to burn off it.

8 weeks later on he attacked her daughter Terra in a carpark, but she got the blade him 13 times in self-defence off him and stabbed.

Terra told Fox5: “i simply began stabbing him. We started initially to push him away from me personally after which i obtained him here shoulder and I also also got the past one in their attention and also latin women dating the last one We type of did provide an extra idea. I happened to be like ‘I don’t want him to get back up, We don’t want him to try and harm me personally once more. If he gets back up he’s gonna kill me’.”

Meehan passed away four times later on in hospital, on August 24, aged 57.

What exactly are they both doing now?

Tonia appeared regarding the Today Show if the Dirty John podcast ended up being broadcast that is first.

She stated in a job interview from the programme: “We’ve been viewing him and watching their tale and kinda maintaining an ear and an optical attention available having a detective in Ohio during the last 17, 18 years.

“So, several of it is a surprise. How it simply happened is a shock. But we knew that it was likely to end up in some body dying. We simply didn’t understand who.”

Debra has because started her very own interior planning company.